Entirely British developed from an online deli business called Victoria’s Deli. which focused on British food and drink. But there were libations to the amount of stock and number of products we could carry at one time.

So we decided to change the business and create the best marketplace in the Great Britain for products made here. What do we mean by made in Great Britain? Well we require products to be made, produced or grown here. We do understand that some products cannot be grown here coffee or cocoa beans for example. So we require  any product to be substatiantially different. so the coffee bean is roasted  or the cocoa bean is made into chocolate. So items assembled in Great Britain are not acceptable. 

Why should I buy British?

There are many reasons to buy British but the biggest is knowing that the money you spend is being spent here in the UK and paying British taxes. With the majority of our business being small independents you know that the money you spend is helping our economy and is supporting other business. You are supporting British jobs and helping make this country a better more prosperous one. It is a known fact if money is spent locally then more of it will circulate the economy.

Also buy buying British you are helping the environment with lower delivery miles, greener materials and environmental conscious manufacturing.

You are supporting British skills and jobs. some of these skill are passed from generation to generation and if there isn’t the demand for these products then we loose these skills never to be recovered. If the jobs are in the UK then you know they have received a fair pay and conditions.